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Club rules

1. Our club works for guests not younger than 21 years old. In any doubt concerning the age, the administration / guard has the right to request an identification document.


2. The show has an entertaining direction, there are no sexual services in the club!


3. The face control is working in the club, we do not let inside Guests in outdoor clothing, overalls, beachwear, T-shirts and bathing suits, in sports clothes and shoes, dirty or untidy. Guests who fail to pass control can be admitted to the club only with the agreement of the administrator.


4. It is not allowed to bring and use any drugs. Consumption of alcoholic beverages, as well as food purchased outside the club. Guests who are intoxicated are not allowed. Guests who are completely drunked may not be admitted to the club or removed from it.


5. For security reasons Guests and the staff are prohibited to bring any kind of firearms, gas, pneumatic, traumatic, cold weapons and special means of self-defense into the club.


6. Photo and video shooting of the staff, our Guests or the club's interior is PROHIBITED!


7. There is video surveillance installed in order to ensure the safety of Guests and the safety of equipment in the club. All Guests are guaranteed strict confidentiality.


8. The club's administration has the right to refuse to visit the club without explaining the reasons. For the closed parties Guests are allowed only with invitation cards or according to the guest list.


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